L T S meaning LEADERSHIP TRAINING SERVICE. It was started on July 2nd 1959 at Goethal’s Memorial School (Kurseong). The idea was initiated by a small group of non-Christian boys who were keen to develop leadership qualities.
Youth all over the world need something for the sake which to live. It is proverbial that youth is idealistic and therefore needs an Ideal or a Vision. Without an Ideal or a Vision, Youth will stagnate and dissipate its energy in purposeless living. Youth need a reason to live for, a cause to rally around, a vision to spur them on an indicate path to courageous living.
The vision must give direction to their life journey, motivate them to rise above mediocrity, bring out their youthful generosity in selfless service. In a word the Vision must become a pattern of life, a way of life for life.
Its Spiritual foundation are ‘PRAYER, ACTION AND PERSEVERANCE.’
L.T.S. teaches its members a way of life by inviting them to develop as much as possible their intellectual and spiritual powers in order that they may dedicate their lives to love and service of God and their fellowmen.
In this regard the L.T.S. members organised a Children’s day programme for the slum children. Its Venue :- Hindi Medium Campus and time was between 3 to 5 p.m. The programme was organised under the guidance of Sr.Manisha and Mrs.Aparna Sahay.
Some clothes were collected from classes 6 to 9 and were distributed to the slum children. The L.T.S. members bought gift items of daily use and distributed it to the slum children.
Besides this food stalls like ice-cream, samosa, golgappa were also put up for the children.
Short quiz session was held in between speeches based on topics like National Symbola. The children were briefed on Traffic rules and maths questions were given to solve.
The L.T.S. members also put up a skit on the topic “Cleanliness’. after which they distributed soap among children and told them about ways of keeping themselves clean and tidy.
Dance and Song Performances were there which thrilled the children as they do participated in it. And the icing on the cake was the games that were organised by the LTSERS.
Various gifts were given to the children for all events and food items were also served to the children.
The children left taking back with them a number of gifts and beautiful memories of a fulfilled day.